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First camping with a toddler

Our son is now a little more than a year old - so at the right age to camp for the first time :-)

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Rainy Lake Thun crossing

Get up early to wait in the rain :-)

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Short (pre) alpine tour

Instead of our planned tour along the coast of Estonia, we once again made a round in Switzerland.

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Passes tour through Switzerland

After the big tour in North America last year, this year we decided for an easy to organize tour in Switzerland.

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Zurich - Lenzburg - Moosseedorf

We really did it: we rode the tandem home from the airport!

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From Munich to Lake Constance

After the stay in Munich we took the train to Kempten. From Kempten we enjoyed beautiful & quiet roads to Lake Constance.

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Indoor program / Sils - St. Moritz

Due to the bad weather we visited the railroad museum in Bergün and rode the tandem only a little.

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Zernez - Maloja - Sils

Strange weather after a wonderful breakfast.

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Scuol - Tschierv

Our first day on the Alpine Bike Route with cows and other bikers.

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Tschierv - Val Mora - Zernez

Ascent to the beautiful Val Mora incl. 200hm pushing and a rapid descent to Zernez.

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Our vision: Alpine bike with the tandem

For once again a vacation in Switzerland.

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Furka & Gotthard in October

After the onset of winter a week ago, we wanted to go once again with the tandem in the mountains in beautiful weather, before the passes are definitely closed due to winter closure.

The Furka Pass was due to the past warm days already free of snow again, at the Gotthard Pass but there was still "enough" snow on the old pass road ... Who loves his bike, who pushes :-)

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Basel - Lyon

We were not able to do our summer vacation tour this year until September.

Since we received too few registrations for the tandem club tour over the Brünig and the grosse Scheidegg, we converted the first two days of our tour to a tandem club tour.

Afterwards we drove "alone" through the Jura and along the Ain to Lyon.

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Frutigen - Adelboden

Very strenuous route to Adelboden.

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Very nice route over the Glaubenberg pass.

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Tour over the Brünig Pass and the grosse Scheidegg

In order to organize a tandem tour in the fall, we wanted to drive parts of the route first, because the own impression despite accurate maps and elevation profiles can not be replaced...

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Trip to the Chutzen

Slowly it is time to stow the snowshoes, avalanche shovels and snow saws from igloo construction definitely until next winter and edlich be back on the road with the tandem!

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Nufenen - Lukmanier - Oberalp

We supplemented the sporty weekend tour over the Lukmanier and Oberalp passes from the tandem club with the crossing of the Nufenen pass the day before.

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From Kandersteg to the Aare Valley

Last beautiful weekend we rode the tandem from Kandersteg down to the Aare valley.

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Trip to the Emmental

After the rain finally stopped, we took another tour to the Emmental this afternoon and on the way back by train we loaded the tandem once in a tight space.

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Tips for travel preparation

The travel preparations for our planned Norwegian tour this summer turned out to be more time-consuming than expected. Therefore, we have now summarized some tips and tools for copycats:

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3 Pass ride in the Alps

We took advantage of a beautiful September weekend to once again experience a tandem tour with bag and baggage.

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