This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Our son is now a little more than a year old - so at the right age to camp for the first time :-)

After many trips with and without tandem, it was time to spend the night in nature as well.

In order to reduce the number of new challenges, we chose a nice place close to where we live, so that we could be home quickly in case of an abort of the attempt.

Likewise, we opted for a simple kitchen: thanks to the available fireplace, our stove stayed at home.

After dinner we enjoyed the sunset together and then moved into our tent. The new situation unsettled Ariki a bit at first, but after a few minutes he felt comfortable.
For him we had a folded mat between us. As sleeping bag for Ariki we had the foot sack with us, which we had used in the winter in the bicycle trailer. As pajamas we put on him a plush overall.
Through the many experiences Ariki could fall asleep quickly. In the middle of the night he was awake for about an hour, probably because of teething, and needed some distraction. In the meantime it started to rain a little bit, but after that he slept again. In the morning we noticed around 08:00 that he had moved in the second half of the night from the footbag and from the mat down to our head end.

Fortunately, the weather forecast was accurate and it rained only at night, so we could have breakfast with morning sun.