This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

We took advantage of a beautiful September weekend to once again experience a tandem tour with bag and baggage.

After arriving in Switzerland, we made only a few "small" day trips. So we decided to make a small three-pass trip on perhaps the last ideal weekend for touring this year.

On the first day, we faced a long journey by train to Andermatt. There we started the crossing of the Oberalp Pass, where fortunately only relatively few cars and motorcycles were on the road. After the descent towards Ilanz we spent the night at the new and very nice campsite in Carrera.

On Friday, we faced the climb to Bergün. We used the train between Thusis and Tiefencastel, because this stretch is very busy and a long tunnel can not be bypassed.

After spending the night at the campsite in Bergün, we started the climb up the Albula Pass on the third day of our tour. Although the road is narrow and steep, it had a lot of traffic due to the weekend.

Since with a loaded tandem and trailer one pass crossing per day is enough for us, we stayed overnight at the campground of Pontresina to cross the Bernina Pass on the last day of our tour.

The Beninapass was scenically very beautiful, but unfortunately also the busiest pass of our tour.

After a very long descent to Poschiavo, we tackled the long return journey by train to Bern. In contrast to the arrival on Thursday, it was difficult to find a place for the tandem and trailer in some trains on the return trip on Sunday.

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