This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After the stay in Munich we took the train to Kempten. From Kempten we enjoyed beautiful & quiet roads to Lake Constance.

After a day in Erding, from where we took a trip to Munich and visited the German Museum, we headed south.

To get to the Allgäu more quickly, we took the train as far as Kempten. Since we had only 5min in Munich from the delayed S-Bahn from the Tiefbahnhof to change to the Allgäu-Express to Kempten, we adjusted to the fact that we would only reach the next train. We wanted to try it anyway and assembled the tandem in no time provisionally, hung our bags on coupled the trailer. Two escalators and a mezzanine later, we reached the station concourse, where we ran to the top of the train with the car with a large bicycle compartment just in time. There we disassembled everything again and squeezed the tandem through the high narrow door of the old carriage.... made it!

On the train, the conductor was surprised that we had managed to buy the correct ticket for the tandem in the fare jungle (on this train, tandem = two bikes, trailer free).

After a leisurely ride due to the inclines and curves, we stocked up on our food supplies in Kempten and then followed the bike path upriver to Immenstadt.

On the modern campground at the large Alpsee, the importance of the campers was once again clearly visible. The modern and clean sanitary building and the beautiful camper/caravan pitches were in stark contrast to the idyllic, tree-lined tent meadow, which only looked so nice on the site plan. In reality, unfortunately, it was only a patch of green in the shade of the sanitary facilities.

Once again we managed to set up the tent just before the rain.

Because of the rain we decided to eat at the Gasthof Alpsee. This decision was not optimal, since we would have brought despite rain on our gasoline stove probably something better than the TK courts warmed up there to state.

The next morning we could then again rain-free westward on the planned route in the direction of Lake Constance. On the slightly hilly route we made very good progress and could enjoy the Allgäu.

Unfortunately, it proved once again difficult to find open bakeries and restaurants... On this tour we were unfortunately not so lucky.

After the departure to Lindau we landed again in the middle of the turmoil! Although the Bodensee cycle path is relatively flat, riding at your own pace is made somewhat difficult by the many other cyclists. At the station entrance to Lindau, we wait at a hand-operated railroad crossing....

After spending the night on a crowded, but still approachable campground, we then reached Friedrichshafen, from where we took the ferry back to Switzerland. When buying the ticket, it was again like so often, the nice lady at the counter had to discuss the correct price with the colleague next door. Our tandem with trailers was charged here as two bikes ( tandem = 1 bike, trailer = 1 bike ). In the process, we were told that a child trailer was free. On the proposal of the lady to take one of the children as a trailer passenger, we are then not taken.

In Switzerland, we then drove from Romanshorn via Bischoffszell to Weinfelden, from where we took the train home.

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