This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Strange weather after a wonderful breakfast.

The breakfast and its dining room managed to surpass the previous in the Hotel Bär & Post! The hall was again very tastefully decorated and the staff was dressed in the colors of the hall. The buffet was even richer than the one of the previous day. Thus we could strengthen ourselves wonderfully for a bike day.

Unfortunately, the weather was not quite to our liking. Since it was only lightly drizzling, we tried riding anyway. As expected, the experience was not particularly exhilarating with the rain getting heavier, so we switched to the train at the station of Cinous-chel-Brail. When the train reached S-chanf, Murphy was in top form and the weather changed almost completely. So we drove in wonderful weather through the Upper Engadine to Samedan. As we prepared to continue under our own power, it started to rain here as well (was the rain cloud following us?). So we adapted and took a planning break to discuss options. So, despite the weather, we set Maloja Pass as our destination for the day and put on our rain gear. We have no idea what we did to Murphy, but he responded promptly, so when we started out in full rain gear, it stopped raining.

So we could enjoy the way up to the Malojapass.

On the Malojapass at 14:00 agekommen, was to be read at the planned hotel then that it was closed until 17:00. Since the hotel did not look particularly nice and we did not want to wait so long in the rain in thisKa... leinen village wanted to wait (nicer hotels blew our budget), we decided to choose a hotel from Sils and stop again a piece to go back.