This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

We really did it: we rode the tandem home from the airport!

Since the weather played along and all luggage arrived on time in Zurich. We put our plan, which most dismissed as a funny idea, into action:

Despite the long flight, we immediately started assembling the tandem in the arrival hall in Zurich. After several hours of assembly and answering questions from interested spectators, we were finally able to set off at around 5 pm.

We quickly got used to the Swiss road conditions again. But as it got darker and darker, it became more and more difficult for us to follow the rather tight and spontaneously planned unknown route. Although we primarily followed an official bike route, the path was difficult to find in the dark: Unlike other road signs, the bike signalizations do not reflect!

After 8 p.m. we were happy to have dinner at a colleague's place in Lenzburg and to spend the night at her place.

The next morning the route finding was again very easy with daylight. So we enjoyed our last day stage of this long journey. On the way we enjoyed some food that we had missed the past months.

On the last kilometers before arriving home, fatigue began to catch up with both of us after all. Really tired and exhausted, but extremely happy about what we had experienced and accomplished, we reached Moosseedorf in the afternoon. Thus ended our almost three-month tandem adventure as good as mishap-free!

Zürich - Lenzburg

Distance 44.3 km Elevation ↑ 351.0 m ↓ 364.0 m

Lenzburg - Moosseedorf

Distance 83.3 km Elevation ↑ 515.0 m ↓ 386.0 m