This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Instead of our planned tour along the coast of Estonia, we once again made a round in Switzerland.

As two years ago, we started with loaded recumbent tandem and trailer at home and drove through the Emmental towards Central Switzerland, where we were then allowed to stay overnight with a brother of Moritz.

Since we already knew the route Lucerne-Stansstad-Brunnen, we chose Zuger- and Lauerzersee to Brunnen. By chance, we met in Arth the second brother of Moritz, who was there with his family on the road.
When we arrived in Brunnen in the early afternoon, we decided to drive the Axenstrasse ourselves. Due to the busy road with no bike infrastructure to speak of, it is recommended to load by train/boat between Brunnen and Sisikon. According to our research, however, there is a sidewalk in the southern direction that can be used as an alternative. The sidewalk is wide enough even in the tunnels, so that relatively safe driving is possible in the southern direction. (In the case of restrictions due to road works, the situation would probably be assessed differently).
Attention: In northern direction between Sisikon and Brunnen cycling is definitely not recommended, because the least bad solution would be to use the sidewalk in oncoming traffic, which we do not consider reasonable.

When we reached Sisikon safely, we pitched our tent on the campground there and enjoyed a refreshing swim in Lake Lucerne.

The next morning we continued along the Axenstrasse to Flüelen. On this section there existed a notable bike infrastructure, partly even properly separated from the road. Also this section can be cycled better in southern direction than in northern direction.

From Flüelen the cycle route climbs slowly along the Reuss river to Amsteg. From Amsteg the bike route then runs on the partly somewhat narrow Gotthard road, which was however well ridable thanks to the low traffic. At the entrance to Wassen we decided to spend the night in Wassen or Göschenen. Since we already received only the last room in the first requested hotel, we risked no further journey. The Hotel Gerig in Wassen turned out to be a real stroke of luck with its simple but nice room and the excellent dinner!

Due to the weather forecast (rain from noon) we started the following morning as early as possible. Strengthened with breakfast, we warmed up with the climb from Wassen to Göschenen. Despite the light and brief drizzle, after a short break in Göschenen, we continued uphill into the Schöllenen Gorge. The newly built bike path, which is largely separated from the main road (partly on the galleries of road and railroad) was very beautiful but also very steep, so we made several breaks in this climb. Due to rockfall and blasting work, however, we were not allowed to rest in some sections and had to ride through them as quickly as possible.
After the Devil's Bridge, the climb then ended relatively suddenly and earlier than expected. So we reached Andermatt at noon with drizzle starting again. Since the weather forecast had not improved, we decided to spend the night at the campground.

Unfortunately, the weather and the forecast did not improve noticeably, so that we left Andermatt again after a rest day with an excursion on the Furka steam train. At the start in Realp we hoped that the weather would then improve for a trip over the Furka Pass. As it continued to drizzle in Realp and the cloud cover did not change, we decided to cross the Furka Pass by car train through the base tunnel. The loading in the accompanying car of the car train was easier (no folding of the couchette tandem necessary) and cheaper than the trip with the normal regional train.

When we arrived in Oberwald in the Valais, the weather was not any better, so we did not tackle the Grimsel Pass. Staying overnight in Oberwald was not an option for us, otherwise we would have had to drive the Grimselpass road on weekends (which is limited fun in the summer on Saturdays and Sundays because of the motorcycles), we decided to drive through the Valais down to Brig. From Reckingen we could enjoy the descent then even with sun!

From Brig we loaded tandem and trailer then in the RegioExpress to Bern. The RE is slower than the IC, but much more comfortable with the tandem!

Moosseedorf - Emmen

Distance 85.0 km Elevation ↑ 756.0 m ↓ 861.0 m

Emmen - Sisikon

Distance 52.9 km Elevation ↑ 486.0 m ↓ 500.0 m

Sisikon - Wassen

Distance 37.2 km Elevation ↑ 642.0 m ↓ 200.0 m

Wassen - Andermatt

Distance 11.1 km Elevation ↑ 536.0 m ↓ 48.0 m

Oberwald - Brig

Distance 61.1 km Elevation ↑ 383.0 m ↓ 984.0 m

Andermatt - Realp

Distance 61.1 km Elevation ↑ 383.0 m ↓ 984.0 m