This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

We supplemented the sporty weekend tour over the Lukmanier and Oberalp passes from the tandem club with the crossing of the Nufenen pass the day before.

To participate in the tour of the tandem club, we took the train to Ulrichen the day before to get from there to Airolo via the Nufenen Pass.

After the very nice climb up the low-traffic pass, we changed not only the canton but also the weather at the top of the pass. So sunshine quickly turned into dense fog and rain.

The following day, the tandem club tour started in Airolo with the descent to Biasca. After a short break, the 40km long ascent to the Lukmanier Pass began there. Since most of the route was on the old pass road or on side roads, we were able to enjoy it and did not always have to keep an eye out for motorcycles and buses.

Exhausted, we reached the hospice in the evening, where we spent the night in a comfortable and well-kept hotel.

The last day of the trip started with the descent from the Lukmanier Pass down to Disentis, from where the ascent to the Oberalp Pass began.

Up to Sedrun, the road was not particularly pleasant, as there was relatively heavy traffic. From Sedrun the road became a bit steeper and narrower, so that the road became more pleasant again also for tandem riders due to the so slowed down traffic.

From the Oberalpass down there was also a speedy descent to Andermatt, where we took the train home via Furka and Wallis after lunch together and the tandem club continued its way via Göschenen.

We enjoyed this extended weekend very much (merci to the organizers of the tandem club!)... now, however, after more than 3700 meters of altitude in 3 days, we already feel that this is a lot with luggage in this time... nevertheless we are looking forward to the next pass crossings!

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