This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Due to the bad weather we visited the railroad museum in Bergün and rode the tandem only a little.

Already while studying the weather forecast the night before, we decided to take a break due to the weather, since crossing the Septimer Pass is neither beautiful nor safe in the current weather conditions. So we went by bus and train to Bergün to the museum. The visit was very exciting, even if we were not the only ones with this idea. This was especially noticeable while waiting in the bistro: The scarce staff was not prepared for such a rush of visitors. So it happened that employees from the adjacent train station/tourism office helped. This made our waiting time entertaining, as there were some employees who primarily stood in the way with their hands in their pockets and others who worked with full commitment to offer the guests a good experience, as one is used to with the Rhätische Bahn. (Taking the tandem with the RhB is very pleasant, as it is with the MGB. The train staff and the staff at the stations help without exception very friendly and motivated loading and unloading. MERCI!)

The whole day we followed the weather forecasts again and again and so decided on the return trip, very heavy-heartedly, that we interrupt our tour due to the weather and go home. With or after so much rain, the crossing of the Septimer and Thomülpasses is simply too risky for us and to drive around them is also not optimal, since it is also raining in other regions of Switzerland.

Back at the hotel we packed our things to catch the second last or last train to Bern. After checkout, we drove furiously (averaging over 27km/h) to St. Moritz. Without suitable rain shoes (that's another story...) Moritz's feet were wet through and through in no time, in the shoes there was enough water so that the toes could do the seahorse and a number of other swimming badges.... Fortunately, the RhB heats its trains sufficiently, so that then soon most was dry again.

On the way back, we rode parts of the Albula line for the third time on the same day, which meant that Rana now knows the station names by heart in the right order :-)

At home we are looking for a new opportunity to ride the route, after all it had started very well!