This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Get up early to wait in the rain :-)

The partly narrow right bank Thunerseestrasse belongs for us to the routes that are not fun with a lot of traffic.

Accordingly, we decided to use our vacation to drive the route during the week and earlier in the morning. So we got up before 5 to get quickly from Bern to Thun with the second S-Bahn of the day and to start the tour early in Thun.

Unfortunately, also this time the weather was not completely on our side. Already in Hilterfingen heavier rain began, so we took a break in a pastry shop. Freshly strengthened, we then drove on when the rain had disappeared. As planned, we were able to enjoy the route with little traffic. Shortly after Beaten Bay, it unfortunately began to rain again, but we were fortunately able to quickly find shelter from the weather under a rocky outcrop of this beautiful road. When this rain front had also moved on, we continued towards Interlaken. Before Interlaken we circled the end of the lake and started the return trip on the other side of the lake. On this side, the route with good bike infrastructure largely follows the busy main road.

In Leissigen the rain caught us for the third time and we found shelter from the water at a school house. After this rain front we had nice, warm and sunny weather for the rest of the day.

We reached Thun in time for a fine lunch.

In the afternoon we drove home through the Aare valley.

Thun - Interlaken - Spiez - Thun - Bern - Moosseedorf

Distance 93.2 km Elevation ↑ 568.0 m ↓ 593.0 m