This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After the quiet and shady Bavarian forest we drove along the Danube and the Vils until just before Munich.

Upon reaching the Danube in Deggendorf, we definitely left the hilly area of the Bavarian Forest and now followed the flat and more heavily traveled Danube cycle path.

Along the Danube we could then ride relatively fast, but we soon missed the shade giving cool forest. Therefore, we made an extensive early afternoon break in a beer garden.

Due to our flexible and spontaneous planning, we did not know the expected route and the overnight accommodations very well. Therefore we decided to spend the night in the late afternoon in Winzer on the camping site, since the next place seemed to us still somewhat far away. So we enjoyed the afternoon sun on the square and read in the shade of tent and tarp.

The following day we expected again a big midday heat, so we started quickly in the morning and bought breakfast fresh in a bakery on the way and ate on the banks of the Danube.

In Vilshofen we visited the tourist information to roughly plan the further route. In addition we received there the wonderful overview map of the Bavaria net for cyclists, where we had all cycle routes on a view. In order to get enough time reserve, we decided to drive southward through the Vilstal and to do without the loop to Passau and the following Innradweg.

In Vilshofen we came on the cycle path once again to an obstacle, which unfortunately could not be easily driven around, so we had to dismantle the seats to be low enough to pass under the roadblock. Afterwards we followed on calm ways the Vils, which showed up partly as brook and partly only as long drawn out pond. In some places the path also ran through villages, where we experienced how semi-trucks blocked the entire traffic when passing the sometimes tight curves through the alleys.

After an overnight stay at the Vilstalsee ( the road noise plagued place with higher prices for Swiss is not recommended ) we followed then partly in the rain further the Vils. Where we made then after Taufkirchen a larger lunch break to dry the tent, because we had booked a hotel in Erding for the next two nights to make a trip to Munich.

We were very lucky with the break planning and driving speed. Parking the tandem behind the hotel, a light drizzle began.

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