This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

On the first part of our summer tour we drove from Wiesen to Deggendorf through the Bavarian Forest.

Arrived in Weiden we made ourselves in the late afternoon on the way to the first campground on our way. We drove southward through the valley of the Naab. When we wanted to cross the railroad line on the bike path, we came across a barrier, which was unknown to us until then. At this railroad crossing the barrier is basically closed. Over an intercom system, however, you can ask the barrier attendant / dispatcher to open the barrier.
As soon as we found out how the intercom works, crossing the tracks worked wonderfully and we could continue as planned.

In Pfreimd we did some shopping for the next days. While Rana was in the supermarket for this, Moritz was an attraction with the tandem in the parking lot and rode in circles around the cars with several children on the back seat.

After a few kilometers through the Pfreimd valley on a bike path and a low-traffic road, we reached Trausnitz, where our campground was located. From the beginning of the village to the campground, however, we still had to master some short but biting climbs.

On Sunday morning we were woken up by a light drizzle, which fortunately stopped between, so that we could take down the tent without rain.

After about an hour of riding, we were able to do without our rain gear for the rest of the day. Our route was hilly towards the east. After riding on mostly quiet side roads until shortly after noon, we came to a disused railroad line, which is now a bike path (Bavarian Bohemian Friendship Trail). We really appreciate such former railroad lines, as they usually have very pleasant gradients. However, the disadvantage is usually a surface with more rolling resistance and, unfortunately, usually not very tandem-friendly intersections with roads. The intersections usually have barriers that can be easily bypassed with a normal bike. With a tandem, or in our case with a recumbent tandem and trailer, it is then usually stop, get off, push, continue. Too bad.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the "beautiful" parts of the bike path to Stadlern. After a few kilometers we then reached the former iron curtain, where we then drove southward on the Czech side of the border. Since the national borders usually do not run along the elevation curves, it went strongly up and down through a wonderfully quiet border area.

At the reservoir of Waldmünchen (Perlsee) we reached then after 61 km the planned campground, where it was just before the beginning of the rain to set up the tent and take a shower.

Because of the rain we decided to eat in the restaurant next to the campground. We don't remember the menu and if it was good, but we remember that because of the many flies on the ground the last basic cleaning was probably rather long ago :-/

The next morning the weather had fortunately improved again. After a short shopping in the beautiful Waldmünchen we chose with the road 2154 a wonderfully quiet road to Furth im Wald. Originally we had planned to follow the bike path along the iron curtain. However, because this beautiful path is relatively steep in parts on sections with poor road surface, we decided to spontaneously adjust our route and ride a little further south in the direction of the Danube. Since we found there with OpenCycleMap the bike path southward not on the first go, we were content until Arnschwang with the busy main road. From there, however, we were then able to ride along a beautiful bike path again.

Before Chamerau we decided to continue through the Regental. Here our route followed the railroad line and the Regen (the river through the Regental) until Blaibach. From there, another cycle path led us along the disused railroad line to Viechtach. The route runs away from major roads mainly through the forest. On the well-built gravel path we actually made very good progress despite the slight incline. Nevertheless, we were pushed by racing pensioners with battery support when overtaking from the path, so that we crashed the first time ... ok, the whole thing did not play out quite so lurid. When we saw the approaching e-bikes, we tried to ride with the tandem at the very edge of the path to leave enough space. Unfortunately, the roadside was still relatively slippery due to the rain of the previous day, so that we slipped with the front wheel on the right and fell on the side. Since we drove fortunately sufficiently far on the right, we did not tear the pensioners from the wheels. Even if the handlebars of the tandem did not look to me in the right direction after setting up, nothing was broken or bent and everything could be brought by with few handles again into the correct position.

From Viechtach, the comfortable bike path on the railroad line was unfortunately already over. At the train station we compared the two campgrounds in the village on the basis of the websites and decided for the "Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle", because this did not look like a parceled sports field with Santärcontainer and 4 duty trees, but like a New Zealand or Canadian campground in the forest with river and sanitary facilities in the log cabin style.

Despite the steep access road, this place turned out to be a very good choice! At the reception we were allowed to experience an angry guest who urgently needed assistance to find a site with cell phone reception ... We usually look at the fact that our tent is in the morning in the sun and is so quickly defy, it just (fortunately) not all set the same priorities.

Since we spent with showers and washing relatively much time, we decided on this campground to look how it behaves with the flies in the restaurant.... Here was apparently cleaned regularly and not only that, also cooked very well! Since we always enjoy well-made burgers, we tried two homemade variations here. Despite many good burgers, which we ate on several continents, here was clear after the first bite, these belong to our top 10! Good breads, individual local ingredients and fine homemade sauces and potatoes in the right consistency... we get just writing these lines again appetite!

After a lovely dinner and a restful night's sleep by the river, we climbed the steep incline away from the campground onto the higher bike path. This led on small side roads and was partly due to the intensely proliferating vegetation, which devoured the signposts, so difficult to find that we had to check partly with the smartphone whether we are not yet.

The area where we were, the Bavarian Forest, is partly also called Bavarian Canada. Even though here it is beautifully wooded and sparsely populated, we felt the area as not very Canadian... not that it would not be very beautiful in the Bavarian Forest, Canada simply offers much more expanse and a rougher nature.

In Patersdorf we decided to ride along the Waldbahn to Deggendorf on the Danube. Following the bike path was not always easy, so that we had to master a big staircase in Arzting near the train station, for example. When we studied the map afterwards, we saw that this staircase could be avoided with a moderate detour...

Through Deggendorf followed the Kollbach, which led to a big up and down, because the path was normally led on the "city level", but we crossed large roads on narrow paths under. Since the signposting was partly bad or late recognizable, we had to turn around sometimes. During such a turning maneuver over a green area it came to our second fall and of all things again in front of an audience :-/ When changing from the green area to the bike path, we crossed the muddy transition area at too shallow an angle, so that the front wheel slipped sideways away. Was then the topic of the falls fortunately done.

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