This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

On our first stages we got to know Norway in the rain.


Thefirst "real" day in Norway wevisited Trondheim in the rain. One day later we started with the actual tour, where for Norwegian conditions flat to Vormstad drove. On the campground we spent the night in a hut (so much comfort it should be in the vacations already when it rains a lot...).

The following day we drove first southwards and got to know with the ascent to Løkken the typical gradient of 4-8% for our route. Such ramps were well ridable for us with luggage uphill and downhill also still normal brakable.

In Rennebu we turned off the main road through the valley onto an unpaved side road to Granasjøn. To our astonishment the gravel road was, apart from the gradient of up to 13%, very well drivable. On the way we determined not quite scientifically, but for us sufficiently, the minimum escape speed to escape flies and mosquitoes. Due to the changing gradient, we drove at different speeds and soon we knew that we had peace from the pests from about 17km / h :-)

After more than 6 hours of riding (93km, 1140hm) we reached tired the campsite of Driva.

The next day started with a long section on the "big" E6. But to our great luck almost all Norwegian car and truck drivers are very considerate. So we were almost never overtaken at blind spots and when overtaking we kept a lot of distance in almost all cases. MERCI!

The E6 rose to Hjerkinn steadily but never too steeply, so one has it gladly. We had less fun with the rain, which started at noon, so that we crossed the place with the least precipitation in Norway in the rain...

Since we drove the whole day up to the campground again expect at no store past, we decided in the restaurant of the campground to eat, so that we did not have to tug from the emergency supply.

When we then drove off the next day in pouring rain, we passed a store a few 100 meters after the campground....

After shopping, the rain stopped and we cycled on under a more or less thick cloud cover. We enjoyed the quiet road along the Rodane National Park. The long climb into the Fjell was mostly very pleasant, the same slope we were then allowed to enjoy on the other side on the descent, for many kilometers we could let it roll without braking between 40-60 km / h through the beautiful landscape. Despite the over 100km cycled distance, we reached an average speed of 17.7 km/h thanks to the moderate gradients and long descents.


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