This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

No one should claim that New Zealand is far away... It takes us about 51 hours to get to Trondheim...


As expected, our journey took a relatively long time. We started our journey on Friday evening by IC to Basel, where we then took the City Night Line to Hamburg. On Saturday morning we took the Regio Express from Hamburg to Kiel.

Until Kiel we had no problem with space in the trains. In the IC and in the RE we had enough space for tandem and trailer in the double-decker car, in the CNL the reservation of the tandem place in the bike car worked out, so that we had no problems there either.

On the way, we were allowed to practice the discipline of "riding an escalator with a tandem and trailer" at several stations, since some of them had no ramps and elevators that were too small.

In Kiel we drove the short distance from the main station to the ferry port, where we joined the check-in line of cars and motorcycles. As requested, we stood with the motorcyclists at 12:00 ready in front of the barrier, where we were allowed a short time later to the ferry. There we had to wait but then unfortunately more than an hour in the drizzle in front of the ferry, until we could accommodate the tandem in a storage room.

The ferry of Color Line seemed to us like a floating city with stores, restaurants, spa, casino, ... in any case, we enjoyed sleeping in a bed again after the night in the CNL seat car.

After we reached Oslo on time and the ferry was unloaded swiftly, we started our search for the way to Lillestrøm. Unfortunately, our Navi had switched itself on on the way, so that the battery was empty in the meantime. Therefore we looked for the way on the basis printouts of the Norwegian cycle track map. Unfortunately, the bike paths are sometimes somewhat sparsely signposted, so we had to stop several times and study the map again in detail.

After 3 hours ( 4 were available to us ) we finally reached the station of Lillestrøm, where we placed the tandem and the trailer in the luggage compartment of the dining car and took a seat in the comfortable armchairs of our car.

At 21:00 we finally reached Trondheim, from where we drove south to the campground, which we reached on Sunday evening, after about 51h travel time. Shortly before 23:00 it was then still possible to set up the tent without a flashlight!