This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After settling in in Duluth, we drove to Superior as the first short day's drive.

To have a gentle start to the tour, we rode only 26 km to another hotel in Superior on the first day. To do this, we left Duluth via an amazingly comfortable bike path. Then we crossed Saint Louis Bay over the Richard I. Bong Bridge, which is about 3.6km long. Fortunately, there was an attached bike lane there, so we could safely use the structure. After shopping we stopped for lunch at a children's playground of the "standard" type.
In the hotel we had then fortunately a window to the outside. Unfortunately, however, our room was on the second floor and the storage room at the reception only had room for our luggage tag. So we had to carry our bikes and the stroller up to the hotel room for safe storage during the night. However, since we arrived at the hotel relatively early, we postponed this athletic feat of a different kind until later. We made another short 18km bike excursion without luggage to Wisconsin Point.
After the excursion and the bicycle acrobatics in the stairwell of the hotel we went to a bar for dinner. There Ariki could not get out of the amazement and watching. The room design, the music, the clothes & beards of the other guests, ... everything was new and exciting for him.

Duluth - Superior

Distance 26.7 km Elevation ↑ 137.0 m ↓ 139.0 m

Superior: Ausflug Wisconsin Point

Distance 18.4 km Elevation ↑ 52.0 m ↓ 45.0 m