This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

In order to get used to the time difference and to prepare everything for the bike tour, we had first booked three hotel nights in Duluth.

After our first night in Duluth, we set about assembling our bikes and trailers. Unlike previous trips, for once we are traveling with two bikes and two trailers. Since there are now three of us on the road, our luggage volume has increased a bit. To offer our son enough space in the trailer, we are so with luggage and child trailer on the road.
As already in Alaska, also in Duluth all packing material was picked up for disposal by the hotel staff. Here we even received compressed air to pump the tires comfortably.
But the hotel stay also had its downsides: Despite a lot of practice time with three nights, we didn't manage to adjust the air conditioning so that we got a comfortable room climate. The fact that we only had a window to the pool in the closed courtyard of the hotel was probably not entirely innocent of this. The smell of chlorine hung everywhere!
Besides assembling our car pool and experimenting with the air conditioning, we also used our time in Duluth for walks and bike excursions. The trip to the big aquarium was especially impressive for Ariki. From then on he knew the term fish.

Duluth: Park Point Ausflug

Distance 16.0 km Elevation ↑ 71.0 m ↓ 55.0 m