This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Animal rich campsite!

We had respect for the road between Fort Ross and Jenner. On the bike map it was described as narrow, curvy and steep. We heard from car drivers and cyclists that this was quite dangerous and that it was best to cycle on the left side of the road so as not to have to ride too close to the steep slope.

Since we already made several times the experience that route descriptions of car drivers for cyclists are not applicable in most cases and because some cyclists sometimes tend to massless exaggerations (especially if the experience is somewhat back), we assumed that it would not be quite so bad and dangerous.

So the road then already turned out to be steep, narrow and winding. But the road was also very beautiful and despite everything relatively well built, so we did not have to fear the other road users and the cliffs excessively.

In the afternoon we reached the Bodega Bay Dunes State Beach. This place lived up to its name, so we pitched our tent between trees in the sand.

Since this was the last time we camped at this site with Sigrid and Kevin, we cooked a dinner together. For dessert we were shown how to prepare typical North American S'Mores on the campfire.

When we were around the campfire with dessert, the animals of the campsite started to become active. Several extremely well-fed raccoons appeared and checked if the other cyclists, who went to bed earlier than us, had stowed their food properly.

Following the raccoons' check, a skunk came by and looked for something to eat. To our great fortune it renounced the demonstration of his special ability.

Stillwater Cove Regional Park – Bedega Bay Dunes State Beach

Distance 41.3 km Elevation ↑ 635.0 m ↓ 653.0 m