This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Dream bakery

Following the two morning rainy days, we could now start without rain, but the temperature had dropped further, so that we drove off at just over 6°C. Fortunately, the sun warmed us soon on the beautiful coastal road. In addition, there were again some hills, so that we definitely did not freeze :-)

After a few kilometers we were stopped due to tree maintenance. While driving off, we almost witnessed a head-on collision: While the chainsaws were running and the trees were cut back, the traffic in both directions had to stop. When the chainsaws stopped, the car driver overtaking us with a large distance assumed that the traffic was being guided alternately. Wild gestures and shouting from the arborists, however, fortunately convinced him in time that there was two-way traffic.


Since we were already tipped off on the state park, we took an expensive break at the Stewards Point bakery. The store and the pastries looked so wonderful and were so tasty that we finally pulled out our credit card three times.

Before continuing on, we also paid a visit to the local mini post office to buy stamps and send postcards. The post office was so small that there was only room for two customers in the "counter room".


As in the previous days, we reached the next Regional Park in the early afternoon due to the short daily stages. This then turned out to be the coldest and windiest, so that we had to move our almost every evening Farkle round for once in the tent.

Gualala Point Regional Park – Stillwater Cove Regional Park

Distance 35.1 km Elevation ↑ 429.0 m ↓ 397.0 m