This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Many bikes and three tandems on the campground!

On the morning of our second last day on the road, we said goodbye to Sigrid and Kevin with a heavy heart. With the two Americans we were now almost 4 weeks (with interruptions) on the road.

After about an hour on the busy Highway 1 we reached Valley Ford. Although the store there looked as if it had the best times behind it, the visit was worthwhile because of the fine pastries!

After Valley Ford, the traffic got much better as a big road branched off inland. In addition, a construction site with traffic light and 10 minutes waiting time probably moved some people to bypass Highway 1 here.

On the way via Marshall to Point Reyes Station we encountered extremely many cyclists. With so much bike traffic, the brave drivers had to really make an effort when demonstrating their driving skills. One specialist almost showed us how, when overtaking in a curve, he could transport his car into a truck.


After Tocaloma we were able to turn off the road onto the Cross Marin Trail, where after the many ups and downs on a steady incline we were able to drive really briskly.

Despite the distance of 70km we reached the campground shortly after 14:00.

Later in the afternoon a father arrived with his daughter on the tandem. When they wanted to start the stove (same model as we have), we immediately recognized that the two courageously entered new territory. We therefore offered them our support, the father explained that normally his wife operates the stove, but he will manage.

While we prepared our dinner, the two used the time to get to know the stove. After more or less successful attempts with the flames, they tried to get support via smartphone. When a little later an acquaintance of the father arrived with beer and chips the food became less urgent, but the problem with the stove did not decrease. After about 40 minutes, our offer of help was then accepted: With a flick of his wrist, Moritz then turned the stove into the correct position so that the flame came out at the top and not at the bottom. Grinning sheepishly, the trio could then finally heat the water for the ready meal.

In the evening a group of young people arrived, who also had a tandem with them. So for once there were three tandems on one hiker/biker place. So much, as we had never experienced, yet this should only be a foretaste of the next day....

Bodega Bay Dunes State Beach – Samuel P. Taylor State Park

Distance 69.1 km Elevation ↑ 782.0 m ↓ 769.0 m