This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Beautiful railroad trail

After a restful night right by the sea, we were moderately motivated to get going after packing. Due to the very strenuous up and down of the previous day, we expected a similarly strenuous route to the other ferry port of the island. ("For some reasons" our route planning did not include altitude charts...).

Fortunately, the route was then less hilly than expected and we reached the ferry port about 10 minutes before departure of the ferry.

At the end of the beautiful crossing we reached the huge ferry terminal of Swartz Bay, where about 5 ferry lines start and end. We tried to find the way to Victoria on the way with Google Maps. Fortunately, however, we saw a signpost for bicycles at the point where the terminal exit became a highway. Looking at the nearby map, we saw that the Lochside and Galopping Goose Trail would take us exactly to the place we wanted to go in Victoria. It was a former railroad line and so we could really enjoy the ride with pleasant climbs and little traffic into the city. Large parts of the trails ran through forests, so we could ride mostly in the shade.

On the way, coincidence would have it that we met another recumbent tandem!!!!

Riding the trails, we saw more riding bikes than bikes attached to the back of cars for the first time on our trip.

In Victoria, we stayed with a Canadian woman we had met weeks earlier in Beaver Creek.

Ruckle – Victoria

Distance 42.9 km Elevation ↑ 296.0 m ↓ 309.0 m