This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Exhausting detour via Saltspring Island.

Unfortunately, the day began with a theft. After getting up, we placed our USB Powerbar for charging in the sanitary building, as we had done the night before. After packing and breakfast, the powerbar incl. charger had unfortunately found a new owner. Fortunately, it was nothing more valuable and we look at the whole as a warning before traveling to more densely populated areas.

With anger about the thief and our trust in the people we then drove briskly to the coast so that we could still catch the early ferry to Salt Spring Island (otherwise we would have had to wait a few hours).

After the big ferries in the north we now had a short crossing with a small ferry to the island. With this detour we wanted to avoid unsightly sections on the Trans Canada Highway.

Arriving on the small island, we crossed it on a nice winding road. In Ganges, at the other end of the island, we shopped and experienced the twilight of a partial solar eclipse. Without having studied the gradients exactly, we drove off after the purchase in the direction of southeast. There we still assumed to arrive shortly in the Ruckle Provincial Park. But since we had to climb a lot of steep hills (~400 meters altitude difference on 20km, gradients over 12%), the trip took a long time.

Exhausted we reached the Ruckle Provincial Park. On this car-free campground we enjoyed the wonderful location directly at the sea. From the site we could see the many ferry boats and election catcher watchers.

Chemainus River Campground – Ruckle

Distance 32.9 km Elevation ↑ 507.0 m ↓ 552.0 m