This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

A day full of challenges!

When packing in the morning, we had to overcome a first challenge. When securing the food, everything somehow got up in the air. But then it was not so easy to get everything back to the ground. After an intense twenty minutes, the bag finally moved towards the ground. The acceleration of about 9.81 m/s2 was unfortunately not exactly planned, but fortunately nothing broke!

Back on the highway we continued through the forest like the day before. But the climbs and descents became more numerous and steeper. Then, just before noon, about 300 meters of elevation were "eaten up" on a short, winding downhill.

After the lunch break at the turnoff to a small coastal town, the traffic then increased for us felt massive (Alaska & Yukon were much quieter!).

In the afternoon we met still two bicycle travelers from Germany, which were on the way northward. The plan to ride the Icefield-Parkway in September/October seemed a bit daring.

Later in the afternoon the forest became thinner and thinner and the first farms appeared. About ten kilometers before our destination Campbell River we could enjoy one of the most beautiful descents of our trip. Longer than the day before we could let the tandem roll downhill for several kilometers!

In Campbell River we decided after two days of half wild camping to spend the night a bit more luxurious and to choose the campground with showers. But the price for this was immense: After more than 90km and about 900 meters of altitude we had to cope with a long 10% slope. Thereby we decided to do without the rest day in Campbell River, because we wanted to master this climb only once.

After more than 6h30 driving time we reached the campsite exhausted and just caught the last free place to camp.

With dinner cooking, showering, eating and washing clothes it became relatively late. In the process, it became so dark on the campground in the dense forest that Moritz almost did not find the way to the tent in the light of the headlamp (with practically empty batteries).

Montague Creek Recreation Site - Campbell River

Distance 98.3 km Elevation ↑ 943.0 m ↓ 958.0 m