This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Over the White Pass back to Alaska.

In the early morning we mastered the short steep (14%) way back to the highway and then drove on again in wonderful weather.

Although there is only about 300m of elevation gain from Conrad to White Pass, we had over 900m of elevation gain to deal with due to the ups and downs of the road.

On the way we could see a varied landscape and disused mine buildings. Due to the heat, we used up almost all of our water supply (luckily we had filtered a few liters of water the night before).

On the White Pass, we changed now for the second time the country and the time zone.

From the White Pass (~1000m) then followed a long and steep 16 km descent to Skagway at sea level. Because we had to brake a lot due to the steep gradient, we made two stops to cool the brakes. This way we could prevent damage to the brakes.

Shortly before Skagway we reached the border post for entering the USA. The entry formalities here were similarly uncomplicated as the land entry to Canada, no comparison with the entry by plane.

In Skagway we now have two days break before the ferry towards Vancouver Island.

Conrad – Skagway

Distance 50.8 km Elevation ↑ 448.0 m ↓ 1325.0 m