This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Another ideal bike day with construction site.

From Champagne we could observe many Prairie Dogs on the first kilometers back to the highway.

As on the previous day, we again had wonderful weather and could enjoy the ride in the direction of Whitehorse through the beautiful landscape.

After the lunch break we were announced by a forest of signs a 14 km long construction site.

In the middle of the construction site there was again a section with Pilot Car. This time, however, we were not allowed to drive through the construction site ourselves, here they insisted that our tandem be transported by Pilot Car. After 10 minutes of cleaning up Pilot Cars, and loading the tandem and trailer on two vehicles, the transport through the long construction site (regular waiting time for the Pilot Car: 20min) could take place.

Ed told us later that while waiting for the Pilot Car, a motorist complained that he would run out of diesel if this took much longer. The lady who was directing the traffic said that in that case, turning off the engine was an option....

The entrance to Whitehorse was then a little less beautiful with headwind and a lot of traffic. On the banks of the Yukon, however, we then reached a nice campground (only tents, no RV's) after crossing the city.


Since we were well on schedule, we decided to take some rest days in Whitehorse. Thereby we changed the rear tire, which had suffered a bit from a too low pressure at the beginning of the trip, as a precaution. We also enjoyed the opportunity to do some fresh shopping and eating. In the Alpine Bakery we even found "real" bread.


Champagne – Whitehorse

Distance 88.4 km Elevation ↑ 499.0 m ↓ 551.0 m