This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Again rain, road works and headwind on the Alaska Highway.

When we awoke in the morning, it was raining again. By the time we had packed everything and unhooked our food from the bridge again, the weather was a bit better. When packing it proved that we had stretched our tarp over the tent to dry the night before. Thus, in the morning mainly the tarp and not the tent was wet, moreover, we could have breakfast in the dry.

After about one kilometer of driving it started to rain again... After some more kilometers we reached a big construction site. After a few minutes of waiting, the queue was picked up by a pilot car. This construction site was despite only two construction machines about 8km long and the passing vehicles were accompanied by 3-4 pilot cars through it. The gravel surface on the construction site and the following 2km was partly much worse than on the Denali Highway! Combined with the rain a large part of our equipment got a brown dotted pattern. :-)

The weather partially cleared up a bit, but the (drizzle) rain was a constant companion until mid afternoon. With the 12-14°C it was now even colder here in Canada than in Alaska.

About 20km before our destination Destruction Bay a very strong headwind started, of which another tourer had already warned us.

Since the camping possibilities in Destruction Bay did not look really useful, we decided to treat ourselves once to a motel room.

According to the weather forecast, the next few days should be more bike- and photo-friendly.

Donjek River – ?

Distance 48.5 km Elevation ↑ 370.0 m ↓ 239.0 m

? - Destruction Bay

Distance 28.6 km Elevation ↑ 134.0 m ↓ 179.0 m