This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

On the Tok Cut-Off to the beautiful Red Eagle Lodge

After the rest day in Glennallen, we headed north again on the Richardson Highway. Since the wind direction had not changed since our arrival, we could now enjoy a slight tailwind.

From Gakona Junction we left the familiar highway and drove on the Tok Cut-Off towards Tok. On this highway we passed major construction sites, where we were supposed to follow the pilot car at one point through the kilometer-long construction site. But the pilot car drove much too fast and away from us. So we drove on the practically empty road alone through the construction site.

Later we got to know the mosquitoes and the brakes as "pests". Unfortunately, these can fly much faster than the mosquitoes, so that we could not escape even in the plains at 25km/h. Fortunately, Anti Brumm then offered us good protection against these insects.

After 77km we reached the beautiful Red Eagle Lodge in Chistochina. There we could pitch our tent on the lawn and admire the beautifully prepared cabins. The cabins range from a luxurious settler's tent to an old school bus to idyllic wooden cottages. Another highlight of the lodge is the new bathhouse with stylishly built toilet and shower rooms.

The lodge is the retirement project of the owners. Actually they were looking for a house with highway access and a landing strip (besides car, quad and snowmobile there is also their own Cessna around the house), which also offers cabins with overnight accommodations for their own family members. Finally, the two decided to offer everything again as years ago in this place for travelers.

Glennallen - Gakona Junction

Distance 17.7 km Elevation ↑ 27.0 m ↓ 16.0 m

Gakona Junction - Chistochina

Distance 57.6 km Elevation ↑ 354.0 m ↓ 284.0 m