This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Very long day stage until just before Tok.

After we took a spontaneous rest day at the Red Eagle Lodge, because we liked it there so much, we tried to continue early again. Breakfast at the lodge took a bit longer again due to the conversations with other travelers and the lodge owner...

With ideal cycling weather we could enjoy the ride towards Tok. On the way we realized that the Milepost is not as precise as we thought. Even if extremely many details are noted, such as information on large inclines or gravel sites next to the road, it may be that a business is missing. So we treated ourselves to refreshments at the store/camping "Midway Services". According to the owner, the store was no longer listed in the Milepost because he no longer wanted to place an ad in it.

Shortly before Mentasta Summit we passed a bigger construction site. At this site a truck came towards us, which was watering both lanes to reduce dust. With great relief he stopped shortly before we crossed him and turned off the water. Shortly before we had feared to get an intensive shower.

At Mentasta Summit we had to find out that the motel was torn off. So we decided to go on despite already about 70km.

Shortly after the pass we could marvel at the effect of a plate shift caused by an earthquake. A few years ago the road here was cut by an earthquake and shifted sideways by one lane. Even though the road has been repaired, you can still see the shift today.

Since we were not very motivated to camp wildly, we decided to continue even after 100km. So we reached the Eagle Trail Recreation Site after 9pm. With the up to there 124km in 8h33 pure driving time this was our up to now longest bicycle day. Despite the long riding time we had no "complaints" except for hunger and fatigue. So the recumbent tandem proved itself very well!

On the campground there was unfortunately no possibility to store the food bear-safe. Therefore we hung them up in a tree for the first time. Actually we have a special bear-proof bag. But because of the long distances between the supply points not all our food has space in it, so we have to look for another safe storage possibility.

Chistochina – Eagle Trail Recreation Site

Distance 121.5 km Elevation ↑ 913.0 m ↓ 882.0 m