This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

100km Richardson Highway

In the morning, to leave the campsite, we first had to master the steep 10% climb. Here we pushed our tandem for the first time.

Back on the highway it rolled easily with some raindrops to Meier Lake, where we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at the roadhouse.

We were forewarned by the owner that a busload of cruise tourists would be arriving shortly. Since we were still in the parking lot when they arrived, we were pestered by them with questions. The bus passengers from the middle of the USA could somehow not quite understand our trip and probably doubted our state of mind and / or assumed that they had misunderstood one or the other due to language problems. :-)

With ideal bike weather we could really enjoy the ride on the well built and not very busy Richardson Highway. Unfortunately, however, before Gakona Junction an increasingly strong headwind began to slow us down for the last 40km to Glennallen.

In Glennallen we had our first rest day, where we washed our clothes and did some shopping. In the afternoon we also received our new gas bottle for the stove by mail at the General Store (Merci Lukas!). The General Store there was a really classic store that sells everything. The assortment ranged from freshly made pizzas to canned goods, Christmas decorations, electronic accessories like resistors and car parts.

Paxon Lake - Glennallen

Distance 100.6 km Elevation ↑ 546.0 m ↓ 814.0 m