This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

And suddenly we were in Calgary very quickly....

The last day's stage to Calgary then suddenly went very quickly. Until our lunch break in Priddis, the route was still very hilly.

In the small town of Priddis (with us that would be a K*) we enjoyed a last authentic country lunch (burger).

In the adjacent store we actually wanted to supplement our water supplies for the last kilometers. When after 15min at the door still stood, that the store in 5min wieder öffne we became suspicious. Shortly thereafter, more potential customers gathered in front of the door. Suddenly something moved inside and a saleswoman appeared, who opened the door. She apologized, because she had closed the store for a short toilet visit and had completely forgotten to unlock it when she returned :-)

With new supplies we started our last kilometers to Calgary. After the last major incline, the road soon became 4-lane and it became apparent that we would have no more turns until Calgary with the turn onto the highway.

On the way, to our astonishment, we encountered another house.

Soon we could see the skyline of Calgary and so we reached Spruce Meadows in the early afternoon, where we could spend the night at Moritz's aunt and prepare for the return trip besides an excursion into the city.

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