This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Our journey had hardly begun when we were already on the plane back to Switzerland.

Return flight

Early Friday morning we were brought to the airport. Thereby it was still almost close in time, because two lanes of the highway to the airport were blocked by a wandering house.

The check-in was again relatively complicated, as the nice lady at the counter may not receive a tandem every day :-) Somehow she didn't even get to weigh our luggage.
Unfortunately, the good woman did not manage to issue us the boarding passes to Zurich, so we had to issue new ones at each airport again.

When we finally arrived in Zurich after hours, there was unfortunately only one piece of luggage for us at the baggage claim. So we went home with the tandem on the train and received the rest of our luggage only the day after.

When the missing luggage was delivered to us we saw that the luggage labels were lost. Since we had labeled all the pieces (bike bags) individually with our names and our flight route, the bags could fortunately be quickly re-labeled and resent.


Our little more than 2 weeks in Canada were much too short!

In the time we put back as roughly planned about 1000km with over 8000hm. Before our trip and on the way we met some who had no understanding for our route choice and/or didn't trust us to do it. But we did it well and we had our fun!

Along the way, we found Canada to be a relatively good cycling destination. The distances between the supply/camping possibilities were pleasant and the roads mostly also very bicycle-friendly (wide and with no more than 10% slope).

Due to the heavy thunderstorms before our tour start, it was very good that we had worked out several route options. Thus we could then decide situationally and put together individual sections differently.

As in New Zealand, we met some bike travelers in Canada and had exciting conversations!

Finding and booking the flight by the team of the BLS travel agency in Gümligen has proven itself! It is extremely comfortable to know that everything was well organized and someone is in the background in case something should not work out. This way you can also calmly deal with problems when issuing boarding passes.

Furthermore, we recommend to all who travel with similar luggage constellations as we do, that pieces of luggage are also labeled on the inside. This effort is worth it!