This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

First bear sighting before Bow Pass.

After the motel night, we wanted to treat ourselves to a fresh breakfast in the adjacent store. Unfortunately, we had to realize in the store that pharmacies offer their products at discount prices compared to the local ones. Accordingly, we were happy about the supplies we brought with us. :-)

On the ascent to Bow Pass we saw from a distance on the left side of the road something black that was moving slowly. As we got closer, we realized that it could not be a bear, even though we discussed its origin with the distinctive shape of its head. In this discussion, we were frightened when something black emerged from the bushes on our side of the road. This time it was not a construction machine, but really a bear. However, this disappeared again, before we had changed the road side braking for safety's sake. Since we were not sure whether this bear has his vegetarian days or just prefers to get meat between the teeth or whether he even somewhere sees his offspring threatened by us, we decided to abandon a joint photo shoot and quickly continue to drive.

Even though we reached the pass easier than expected, we unfortunately decided to forego the climb to Bow Summit (we were raved about the view afterwards).

However, we were able to enjoy a very nice descent through a wonderful landscape towards Lake Louise. We noticed that here the traffic by day trippers increased noticeably.

About 2 km before Lake Louise we came on the four-lane and directionally separated Trans-Canada-Hwy. So we got a first impression how cycling on a highway could be. On the wide shoulder actually not so bad (in Canada cycling on the TCH is allowed almost everywhere).

At the Visitor Center of Lake Louise we were shocked to find out that there were only 8 free places left on the campground according to the notice board. So we drove as fast as possible (under consideration of the Canadian traffic rules known to us) to the Zeltplaz, where already a long campervan queue stood at the check-in. Fortunately, we still got a place, because we wanted to the incomprehension of the Canadians neither electricity, water nor fireplace on the site.

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