This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

On the second day of the tour we passed the Columbia Icefield and Sunwapta Pass in strong winds.

The second day on the tandem began as the first had ended: with the climb up Sunwapta Pass. After a biting 10% incline we passed a construction site. After that the road of the Icefield Parkway was again pleasant from the topography...but a strong crosswind (driving with slant) put us to. At the Visitor Center of the glacier the weather had already become somewhat worse.

Because of the weather forecast we decided to spend the next night in a motel instead of a tent. When we called for reservation, the landline already broke down due to the weather.

After the lunch break we crossed the unspectacular Sunwapta Pass and enjoyed a wonderful descent! In places we were faster than campers (without overtaking them), although we never went over 60km/h. About halfway down the descent, we had to slow down because waist-high rocks rolled onto the roadway just before (the aforementioned road bike group passed the spot as the rockfall started with a big cloud of dust). Although the clearing had already started, we refrained from taking a photo break.

Shortly before the motel, the first raindrops reached us. Arriving at the motel we met an older Swiss tandem rider who was on the same route with his wife. We enjoyed dinner with the two of them in the pub.

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