This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After the efforts of the Icefield Parkway we made two exciting rest days in Lake Louise.

On the campground of Lake Louise we were introduced to the first pitfalls of the infrastructure of a typical Canadian campground (in Jasper we were not yet so aware). On all campgrounds that are located in the national park, the food, stoves, pots and all toiletries (incl.sunscreens and lip balms etc.) must be locked away from the bears. So that you don't have to hang everything 6m up in the trees after each use, there are usually little houses or special boxes at the campgrounds where you can lock everything up. The Bearlocker (~500m) and the shower (~900m) was so far away on this campground that we always had to go there by tandem. The Canadians drove of course with the car to the shower!

Not only the distances showed us that here for us some things are different, but also e.g. that there is only 1 (in words: one) Bründli for washing up with warm water on the whole place.

In Lake Louise (Village) we made a trip to the two lakes Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. The first of the two was extremely touristy and a bit too crowded for our taste. The second lake was then after a long approach fortunately not so crowded.


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