This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After the rest day, we were looking forward to going back to the mountains.

Before leaving Radium, we drove to the gas station to refill the gasoline bottle of our stove. In contrast to Jasper, this was a bit more complicated. Normally it works out wonderfully if one asks a filling up person whether one could have 6dl gasoline. Here I asked however probably the wrong one. As an answer I got a lecture about the danger of gasoline and the hint that he was not allowed to give me gasoline, because I will blow my head off with it...blablabla... Unfortunately, this nice gentleman also influenced the other people at the gas station, so that I had no chance with the drivers.

In the gas station store I was then somewhat more successful even if the nice gentleman still interfered and wanted to convince me to buy special stove gasoline. So I could pay a deposit of 20$ at the cashier to get the pump unlocked. After filling the bottle, I went back in and got over $19 back. Way to go!

The climb up Sinclair Pass from Radium via Radium Hot Springs was a relatively quiet and thankfully shaded stretch. After the pass, we enjoyed another nice descent and stopped for lunch at an idyllic rest area. Shortly after the break, we reached a turnoff to a campground with a notice that the next campground would not come for another 60km. Since the weather was good, the route didn't look extreme and we had a slight tail wind, we dared to continue. So we made good progress on the pleasant route despite the incline.

Since the campground of Marble Canyon is one of the simple variety, our shower was once again a nearby stream.

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