This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

A day of touring with almost all types of roads.

Leaving Bennet, we again followed the back roads. To avoid the one-lane highway due to construction, we looked for a way over smaller gravel roads and finally landed at an ATV trail. But there the surface was so bad for us that we threatened to get stuck. Therefore we finally drove on the big highway to Solon Springs.
In the village store we bought fresh supplies and piled over the creative freezer counters: open freezers. There seemed to be no shortage of energy here....
We spent the lunch break in the beautiful park with playground at the lake of Solon Springs.
In the afternoon we could enjoy better back roads again. The often straight roads again brought a lot of elevation gain.
In the late afternoon we pitched our tent in County Park at Gordon Dam. Dinner was delayed a bit: After not using our gasoline stove for a while, we are used to the fact that the dry sealing rings are not completely tight and therefore have to be lubricated first. This time, however, we were wrong in our assumption, so we had to replace the old, brittle sealing rings before cooking. Because for us the stove is one of the very important things, we have the maintenance kit with us on multi-day trips. Fortunately, this meant that replacing the seals was no problem.

Bennett - Gordon Dam

Distance 47.0 km Elevation ↑ 374.0 m ↓ 386.0 m