This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Wellness afternoon with pine cone bombardment

We awoke in the morning to a soft pattering. A rain cloud hung over the campground.

Since we again had not planned a big daily stage (only ~45km), we decided to postpone getting up by one hour.

After our somewhat later start, we drove south along the coast over many hills.

In the small village of Elk, we paid a visit to the lovely little Elk Store to stock up on groceries. Americans don't usually drive past a gift store or coffee without visiting it. Here we also met Kevin and Sigrid again. Kevin had sent his warm clothes home a few days earlier, which he now regretted as the evening temperatures slowly dropped. So he took the opportunity to buy a warm hoodie instead of a T-shirt.

After an extensive break we crossed more hills on the coastal road and reached the campground at noon. For once we didn't spend the night in a state park, but on a private campground. Here we came despite favorable Hiker/Biker prices into the benefit of swimming pool and Wirlpool!

After the wellness program we used the afternoon to work on the blog and to discuss with other bike travelers. Here we met Rosy and Philippe for the first time. The retired couple from Valais is on the road with the bikes from Alaska to South America (Patagonia, if everything works out!). Since the bike world is relatively small, the two had of course already heard about the Swiss with the recumbent tandem :-) Since the two were mainly French-speaking, we had the challenge to speak French in addition to English and German. It was sometimes quite difficult to find the right word in the right language.

Until the evening more and more cyclists arrived. In the end there were 13 tents on the site, more than we had ever seen before. However, we cyclists were not the only ones on the hiker/biker campground. While we were in conversation, a squirrel was enjoying a meal a few stories up in the tree. In classic North American fashion, the animal was throwing garbage (pine cones) onto the landfill (campground). Fortunately, the marksmanship was not very good, so none of us was hit.

Then during the night other animals became active. While we slept the raccoons controlled whether also all had locked away your food well. With the three, where this was not the case, food was missing then to the punishment in the morning and the remaining bag contents were distributed on the place.

Little River – Manchester

Distance 43.2 km Elevation ↑ 631.0 m ↓ 620.0 m