This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Along the Pacific Ocean

In the morning we left Astoria to finally get directly to the Pacific Ocean. In doing so, we crossed Highway 101 over a long bridge with a narrow shoulder. Due to the traffic for Labor Weekend, this was not exactly a desirable experience.

After the bridge, however, the shoulder then became relatively wide and the road followed in moderate up and down more or less close to the Pacific. After about 30km the terrain became really hilly, so we had the "pleasure" of the first tunnel on our trip. Before the tunnel we could press a button, whereupon above the tunnel portal an indicator began to flash, which warned of bicycles in the tunnel and reduced the maximum speed. Despite this support, we tried to quickly exit the tunnel with inclines, as we were repeatedly narrowly overtaken despite oncoming traffic.

Through the climbs we were rewarded with great views over the Pacific Ocean and beautiful descents through coastal forests. Due to the changing light conditions and traffic, we decided from now on to always ride with lights on.

In the early afternoon we reached Nahlem Bay State Park. This huge campground had not only hiker/biker sites but also sites for horseback riders and those traveling by airplane (with their own landing strip)!

On the large area for the Hiker/Biker finally beside us twelve further cyclists stayed overnight. We met there also Hannah and Nathan, the travelers from France, which we already met on the ferry to Port Angeles and also started in Alaska again.

In the evening we still exchanged experiences at the campfire.

Astoria – Nehalem Bay State Park

Distance 64.5 km Elevation ↑ 652.0 m ↓ 612.0 m