This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Lots of rain on the Alaska Highway.

The rain from the night before did not stop the whole night. In the morning there was a short brightening, which was just enough to take down the tent.

Hoping for better weather, we had breakfast in the restaurant next door. Unfortunately the eating out/drinking out was of no use.

So we started in the rain. On a construction site the gravel/sand surface of the road was so soft that we - not shifting back fast enough - got stuck. We then pushed the tandem to the edge of the roadway where the mud was less sticky so we could continue. (Yes, this would be a moment to take photos... ).

In the afternoon the weather got better, so we could enjoy the ride through beautiful valleys again without rain gear. Since we could not keep up with the speed of Marthe, Edward and Frank in the long run, our ways separated there.

After crossing the White River we decided to spend the night at Discovery Yukon Lodging. Because of the weather forecast we moved into a big tent with wooden floor and bed. After cooking and dinner outside, we were glad to have enough space in the big tent to dry everything when the rain started.

Beaver Creek – White River

Distance 54.3 km Elevation ↑ 327.0 m ↓ 310.0 m