This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Again over 90km, but with a lot of tailwind!

From Rotorua we first followed the lakes for a long time until it went down to the coast again. On the plain we had a strong tailwind, so that we rode with the tandem partly up to 40km/h on level ground.
In Ohope we caught still one of the last places on the campground, since at present the main vacation time of the New Zealanders is. As it looks here a completely different camping culture is maintained than in Switzerland. Mostly two cars are needed per family, one with a material trailer and the second with a boat trailer. Accordingly, the arms race on the campsite looks like. A huge BBQ grill (without exaggeration at least as big as a washing machine!) everyone has anyway (except maybe cyclists), many have a refrigerator (partly with Magnetli!) in the tent and the whole thing goes so far that we even saw families with cooking trailers. One family with an interesting homemade and another with something similar to a mobile civil defense kitchen. Another family even had a garden fence with them. Further we could also marvel at canaries. With some one asked oneself as an outsider the question whether they had not taken something of the household effects.
The lots are used so well that there is no more room to walk between the tents. The cars are then just parked on the steep, not with tents buildable spots of the campsites.

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