This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.
Yesterday we finally arrived in Christchurch in the early afternoon.

On our trip we have put together some quiz questions for you: 

1. from which airport do you get the best catering?
- Zurich 
- London airport 
- Hong Kong 
- Auckland 
2. where is the best place to clean shoes? 
- at the recruit school 
- when entering New Zealand 
- at the scout camp 
3. why is one hour not enough to change planes in Auckland? 
- about 1km distance between the domestic and international terminal 
- The people from Biosecurity clean/check the tent and the shoes too long 
- At the beginning there were only 3 customs officers to check the passengers at the counter 
4. how many times will the luggage be checked in case of 2x change of planes? 
- 2x 
- 4x 
- 6x 
- 8x 
5. which airplane emergency info film is the best? 
- Swiss A330 
- AirNZ B777 
- AirNZ B737 
6. where did we get the first landing for a visit incl. pool use? 
- in London 
- in Hong Kong 
- in Auckland 
- in Christchurch 

The answers and our comments are then in the article....


1. the best catering was from Auckland.

The sandwich on the short-haul flight from Zurich to London was nothing special and relatively cool.
Dinner and breakfast after London were no culinary high flights, even if we ate the whole thing at a flight altitude of about 11000m. The grandiose English cuisine caused Rana also to the statement in the last article.
From Hong Kong, the food was then better, the breakfast was almost the same, but the sausage even had taste!
The highlight was then the snack on the short-haul flight from Auckland to Christchurch. The chips were good, the Guetzli super good and with the sweets the opinions go apart :-)


2. the shoes are best shined when entering New Zealand (by far!)!

In the recruit school you learn to clean shoes very well. But what the New Zealand entry officers offer, tops this! The shoe soles are even disinfected.
This apparent nitpicking has its justification. The New Zealanders want to preserve their beautiful country as it is. They are very careful not to introduce any foreign species or diseases that could threaten the ecosystem.


3. all points are true!

In Auckland we missed our connecting flight because we had to wait a long time at customs. Afterwards the control and the cleaning of shoes and the tent took relatively long, so that the time was not enough for us to reach the domestic terminal in time. Although we ran the way (almost 1km), we reached the checkin only when the plane was already taking off.
The rebooking on the next flight, which started an hour later, was no problem and also the shuttle from the airport to the city could be easily rebooked.

4. our handpack was rung 6 times!

5. the filmli in the Boeing 737 of Air New Zealand from Auckland to Christchurch was the best!
In the Swiss flight it was a well done computer animation. In the long haul flight it was a boring movie. But in the short flight it was great! The movie was more like a comedy sketch. Really funny!


6. already in Hong Kong a New Zealander invited us to her daughter home.

In travel guides we had already read about the hospitality. But just not yet really believed in it. In the queue to board the train in Hong Kong we got into conversation with a New Zealander. She immediately invited us to her home and wrote down her address and phone number on the back of our ticket!

So, that's it. We are writing this article from the library of Christchurch and now we want to see something of the city...

Auckland, drizzle, 13 degrees