This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Drive through a drive-thru redwood!

Even though we had only planned a short 50km day, we left the campground before 8am. For this we had the road through the redwoods almost alone. In peace we could try to take some photos in the dark forest.

After a few kilometers we reached Myers Flat, where we visited a typical American Redwood: A "Drive-Thru Redwood"!

Around 2 pm we reached the planned campground just after Benbow. The hiker/biker site there was not the nicest and we would have had to spend the night like sardines again on a sloping site. So we decided to drive on to the next site. Someone calculated a distance of 10 miles to the next place... on the following again steep and sunny kilometers it turned out that this information was not quite correct. So after 20 kilometers we reached the much nicer hiker/biker campground at Standisch Hikey State Recreation Area. Thus the Swiss and American planning inaccuracies were balanced...

Weott – Standish Hickey State Recreation Area

Distance 76.9 km Elevation ↑ 925.0 m ↓ 692.0 m