This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

From Anchorage, we traveled north on the Denali Star of the Alaska Railroads.

Early on Tuesday morning, we brought all our luggage to the train station in the hotel's luggage cart. The employee at the baggage claim was a bit surprised at the dimensions of our luggage, but promptly organized boxes for loading onto the train. On the Alaska Railroad, luggage is sorted into boxes by destination and loaded into them. In large towns, such as Denali, individual crates are even prepared for each hotel so that the transfer can be made directly to the hotel.

When we then asked how and where we should pay the excess baggage, we were told that this was not necessary (even if the website and our travel agency have different information there). Merci.


Since we flew relatively cheap and without eating, we treated ourselves to a little more luxury on the train. Therefore, we had booked a class where breakfast and lunch are included. But we were in this car then by far the youngest. So the tour guide gave us the tip to write down what we experienced, so that we could remember it at home...

Since the dining compartment in the double-decker cars is relatively small, the passengers are asked to eat in groups on the lower floor. After the meal one should then take the coffee and the conversations back upstairs, so that there is room for the next ones.

Despite eating in stages, we were able to enjoy the freshly prepared food on the train.

Despite its length, the train ride was varied and entertaining. In addition to many technically related slow spots, there were also tourist-related ones. At one point, the train driver asked the engineer by radio to drive slowly, because one could possibly already see the first salmon in the river next door.

During the trip we could also observe photographers, who are probably real photo store artists. Otherwise we can't imagine that the landscape photos with flash through the car window come out well :-)

Arrived in Denali in the late afternoon, most passengers were already handed the room keys before the waiting hotel buses. Only unfortunately not us, we were on no list. Nevertheless, we were taken and received these but immediately in the hotel. One had expected us due to a booking problem a month ago.

A few minutes after we had moved into the room, there was already a knock on the door and all our luggage including bicycle boxes had been delivered to the door.

About an hour later our tandem was assembled ready to ride and the packing material was again picked up by housekeeping. Super service!