This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

On a beautiful Saturday and rainy Sunday we made a strenuous but beautiful tandem tour south of Lake Geneva.

Early Saturday morning we took the train from Bern to "Route de Morgins" in the Lower Valais. As we expected, the ride with the double-decker IC to Lausanne was no problem. In the IR from Lausanne to Aigle, the tandem had only a little space in the bicycle compartment.
In the small train from Aigle to "Route de Morgins" we had comfortable space again (we had previously checked with the AOMC ).

From the station "Route de Morgins" we had a first big climb to the "Pas de Morgins", where we then rode the tandem into France for the first time. Since there was rather a lot of traffic on this road, we were glad to be able to temporarily switch to a side road in Châtel.

After Abondance we could finally leave the main road and climb on a side road to the Col de Corbier. After the steep ascent there was again a nice descent.

Down in the valley we had to ride again for a short time on a large, busy road, until it went again on a small side road on the next hill. This was followed by the second last climb up the Col de Terramont, fortunately still on side roads. From there we could again enjoy a nice descent to Habère-Poche, from where we started the climb to the Col de Cou. About one kilometer before the top of the pass, we were glad to reach our destination for the day, the Bed'n'Breakfast La Fontaine d'Argence, in the beginning rain.

After moving into the very nice room, we set off on foot up the Col de Cou where we enjoyed a very fine z'night in the restaurant "Arrêtons chez-nous".

On Sunday morning we could start again without rain, but with fog.

Due to the effort of the previous day with 80km and 1650 meters of altitude, we were glad that it went practically only downhill to Geneva.

Unfortunately, after about 15km it started to rain really hard. Tired we finally reached the train station of Geneva and finished our trip with the train ride to Bern.

We enjoyed this first little tour through France, among other things because we experienced the car drivers there as more considerate than in Switzerland. We can highly recommend the meal on the Col de Cou as well as the overnight stay in La Fontaine d'Argence!

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