This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Day trip to Puzzle World and Transport and Toy Mueseum.

After the efforts of the last day, we already made another rest day to visit local attractions.
First we went to Puzzle World, where there is a large maze and some optical illusions to marvel at. The 1.5km long labyrinth (total path length) was quite extensive and the statement that one walks on average 3-5 km in it was also not out of the air. We thought that we passed some places several times. However, we could find all 4 corners and the exit within scarcely one hour.
Afterwards we visited the exhibition of optical illusions.
Second we visited the Transport and Toy Museum near the airfield. There you can admire the collection of a New Zealander. This includes a lot of vehicles (~600, among them many fire engines), some airplanes (~12) and 30'000 other exhibits. At the same time, these "further exhibits" consist of almost all collecting stretchers. Included are gas pumps, Barbies, lawn mowers, tanks, bottles, boat motors, various Lego models, telephones, dollhouses, sewing machines, and much more. We certainly missed some whimsical items, as the walls and shelves are packed from floor to ceiling.
Our favorites include a plush-covered car and a wheelbarrow equipped with an engine and turn signals.
We assume that the collector does not collect anything in particular, but simply everything :-)
Since he is still collecting and restoring vehicles, the museum is constantly being enlarged. Further you can see that not all exhibits are unpacked and displayed yet.
This museum visit is one of the best activities on our tour. The short 1.5 hours we had for the visit were actually almost too short.