This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Something for the poor for a change! A kayak tour.

Based on some recommendations, we booked a one-day kayak tour in the Abel Tasman National Park. Bus ride, water cab, equipment, lunch, all included.
At seven o'clock in the morning we were picked up directly at the campground in Richmond and then drove about an hour northwest to the national park.
Arriving in Kaiteriteri, we changed from the bus to the water cab. With it we drove about another half hour northward. At the end of this ride, we were dropped off at a wide beach where many kayaks were waiting. Our guide explained to us and four other guests everything we needed to know before we could take our first paddle strokes.
Finally in the water ourselves, we headed towards a seal colony located on an island. While circling this small island we got to see several seals as well as two penguins.
We then paddled south to a beautiful picture book beach where we had lunch. The included lunch may be enough for normal tourists, but for us it was rather scarce, so that in the evening we both ate a family pizza :-)
After lunch, we continued southward with a visit to a lagoon until the weather changed from sunny-wonderful to cloudy-not-so-wonderful. Shortly before four we arrived at the destination beach where we waited for the water cab to the starting point.
As soon as we got in, it started raining like cats and dogs. Once again we were very lucky with the weather!
On the bus ride back, we had a very entertaining bus driver. Before the ride, he explained that if you wanted to talk to him, you had to come to the front of the bus, because the engine was a bit loud... True to this motto, he then told all kinds of interesting things about the area.
For us, the kayak trip was a nice change from tandem riding, a merci to all those who had raved to us about their kayak trips!
Unfortunately, we could not really take many photos on this trip, because cameras are rather bad with salt water.