This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.
Two rest days - city sightseeing and a Gannet Beach Adventure Tour with tractor and trailer.

On Sunday we looked around town a bit, sorted photos and booked the tour for the next day.
On Monday morning we drove the 25km to Clifton in just under an hour. We had to be there already at 07:00 because the tour along the beach is tide dependent.
Shortly after 7, the tractor arrived with two trailers. After everyone had taken a seat, we started towards the Gannet (booby, bird species) colony at Cape Kidnappers. On the way there were several stops where the driver explained us in an entertaining way interesting things about the geology and the birds. After about an hour and a half of bumpy driving, we reached the base of Cape Kidnappers, from there we walked up to the cape where the gannets nest.
On the way back, the water level of the sea was already a bit higher, so the ride was even bumpier. At one point we all had to dismount so that the burly driver could reduce a rock under the rear wheel of the second wagon and the wagon could roll over it. It should be noted here that the wagon may not have hit the rock unintentionally and that the rock was made of "dirt" so it was not that hard to crush. A large part of the rock here consists of pressed "dirt" (river sediments).
After four hours we reached Clifton again. The tour was really worth it, it was entertaining and also interesting!
On the way back over the bike path (for the outward journey we drove over the main road) we got into a "tandem trap". Special gates were built to keep cars and quads off the bike paths and to keep animals in the pasture. Unfortunately it is not possible to pass them easily with tandem and trailer. We finally just lifted the tandem over the gate. Apparently this type of gate is quite cumbersome even for normal bikes. As a rule, we avoid special bike lanes, because they are not very bike-friendly in our opinion. We are bothered by steep ramps onto the roads, which we can only ride slowly if we don't want to risk a broken spoke. Further, there are also often steps at intersections, so that we have to dismount.