This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

Two day tour with overnight stay in Morere Hot Springs

After a long drive across the plain to Gisborne, we headed relatively steeply up several hills. On the way we were overtaken and crossed by many logging trucks. Unlike other cyclists, we were actually always passed by them with enough distance.
After a very long steep descent we reached Morere, a small town with thermal springs. The bathing facilities were in a less good condition than in Hanmer Springs, but seemed much more natural and not so touristy. We enjoyed the 39 degree hot water there.
After the relaxing bath we cooked a good dinner at a small campground where we pitched our tent near an idyllic creek. Although the facilities were not comparable to a big campground in terms of quality, this was one of the nicest campgrounds on our tour so far because of the location!
The following day we went out of the hills back to the coast to the small town of Wairoa. In Wairoa we met an older couple with an interesting rental camper at the campground. This vehicle was outside as well as inside "tuned", so is in the vehicle next to the super stereo also a disco ball ... The whole thing was rather embarrassing for the two. Since they had booked the campervan at very short notice (2 weeks before the start of the trip), the choice of vehicles was rather limited.

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