This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

East Coast driving style and breadcrumbs

The route from Tikitiki to Tokomaru Bay was not particularly strenuous, so we had time and breath to discuss. We noticed that the driving style here for tandem riders is much more pleasant than on other routes. The cars overtake with more distance and sometimes even wait behind us until they can overlook the track (which is definitely not a matter of course here). Further it is also noticeable that practically all wave to us.
Now to the breadcrumb story. After a longer uphill, which more or less causes a lot of sweat, a new road section without pavement followed, i.e. once again gravel, because the new road is still under construction. Thereby, so much dust was whirled up by the passing cars that one could partly no longer see far and was finally breaded like a schnitzel. The special tanning effect lasted only until the well-deserved evening shower.
In Tauranga Bay we camped on the campground next to an older couple with a truck. A truck or car with trailer is nothing special here as a camper. But this truck was a converted goods transporter, which had a cattle ramp on the side.
In conversation with the two we learned that they drove for 15 years with two horses on vacation to explore the area on horseback. In the rear part of the superstructure there are kitchen and cupboards. In the front part they transported the horses until two years ago. Now, without horses, there is a couch. Really impressive!

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