This text was written in German. The translation in English was created by machine with DeepL and without proofreading.

After the car ride to Auckland and a day trip, we now rode the tandem for the first day.

As announced we transferred a campervan from Christchurch to Auckland. We drove through the middle of the North Island, saw Lake Taupo, visited an emigrated Swiss and finally landed on Sunday evening at a campground in the south of Auckland. From there we returned the car to Auckland the next day and then had a look around the city. Thereby we also climbed the Sky Tower (with the elevator :-) ). There are interesting activities offered for wealthy tourists, such as sky-jumping or sky-walking.

This morning the actual tandem tour started. First we had a packing party, where we loaded all our luggage and a lot of food. Thereby we saw clearly what we had already suspected. We have way too much material with us. Alone at least one third of the trailer is loaded with food & spices. We will have to reduce that. In the end we managed to pack everything in any case.

After checking the air pressure of all wheels we cycled westwards to the sea. From there, after a lunch break, we headed south. After a strenuous hill crossing the road followed the coast. The last part was extremely windy, so that we partly advanced only very slowly. Finally, after 80km we reached a nice campground in Miranda (we reached the campground after 40km shortly after lunch and the 80 advertised with a hot pool).
On the very well-kept campground we were rewarded after dinner with an extensive bath in a thermal pool. So the 80km were worth it!
Tomorrow we will, after a breakfast bath in the warm water, then continue in the direction of Thames.

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